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Aristides M. Tsatsakis was born in Heraklion, Crete, Greece, 1957. Graduate BSc in Chem. Eng., MSc in Chemistry on 1982, PhD in Chemistry on 1986, and postdoctoral Fellow at the Moscow University «Mendeleyev». Researcher and visiting Fellow at the Toxicology Departments in the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in Baltimore on 1991, Miami (1996), the University of Florida (1996), the University of Antwerpen (1993-1994) and visiting Professor at the Moscow Medical Academy (1999-2001). Acquired D.Sc. in Biology, School of Medicine, Moscow University of Peoples’ Friendship.

Professor Tsatsakis is Director at the Toxicology Science and Research Centre in the Department of Forensic Sciences of the Medical School in the University of Crete and The University Hospital.  He is teaching the toxicology course for medical students for the last 20 years and advanced toxicology issues for universities’ postgraduate programs.

Prof. Tsatsakis is currently the Vice President (President -Elect 2012) of EUROTOX, the President of the Hellenic Society of Toxicology, , ex-member of the EUROTOX Nomination Committee, chairman of the ERT HST national Registry and member of several Scientific Academies and Societies.


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